Shippin' to the App Store since 2008

I'm Danilo. My work has found its way onto millions of iPhones and iPads worldwide. Since 2008, I've built mobile applications that delight users, professional software reviewers and Apple's own App Store editorial team.

Reach out if I can help you with iOS development/planninginteraction design or technology education.

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Previous work

Level Money


  • Interaction Designer
  • Principal Developer
  • App Icon

Level is a tool designed to teach budgeting skills and financial literacy. The app provides daily feedback about financial goals along with a birds-eye view of spending across multiple checking and credit card accounts.

I led the development of Level's iOS project from the prototyping phase, through multiple rounds of beta testing, endless rounds of design iteration and a smashing launch.

Level was recognized by Apple as an Editor's Choice, with front-page placement on day one.



  • Principal Interaction Designer
  • Principal Developer
  • Visual Designer

Hipmunk is beloved by travelers for its distinctive visualizations and friendly interface. Hipmunk for iPhone + iPad gave users a powerful, mobile tool for finding the best flights and hotels.

I led the design and development of Hipmunk's iOS project from concept through launch, adding iPad support, Hotel search and tabbed searches over the course of two years.

Hipmunk was recognized by Apple multiple times, including nationwide installation on in-store demo devices and App Store front page features.

Independent Apps


  • Principal Interaction Designer
  • Principal Developer
  • Visual Designer

I began my iOS career by designing, developing and launching four different apps, one of which was recognized by Apple with an App Store front page feature.


So what can I do for you?

I mostly work with clients in three areas.

Mobile Interaction Design

So you want to build a mobile app. I can help you get started the right way. We'll pare down your features to a tight, focused experience. We'll examine your requirements and convert those into workflows, illustrated by wireframes. Once the wireframes make sense, it's time to build your interactive prototype. A prototype is a fast, inexpensive way to ensure your workflows are clear and frictionless – able to compete with the best apps on the market. With your prototype in-hand, you'll have a solid reference for building the real thing.

Mobile Product Planning

Getting from zero to App Store can be a complex process. With six years on the platform, I can help lead the way. From specification documents to app architecture to surviving the infamous app review process, together we can build a plan to ship your app.

Technology Education

Want to learn how to use the iOS frameworks to make great apps? How about learning to code from the ground up? I can help! I work with individuals and organizations to build expertise with software pre-production and development concepts, along with the particular quirks of the iOS platform.


For select projects, especially those with an emphasis on UI programming, I'm also available as a hired gun for iOS development.

Sound useful?

(Contract opportunities only, please)


"...their custom date picker is simply brilliant. Hipmunk has a good web interface too, but it has nothing on the iPhone interface. This is why native apps matter."

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"You could try any one of a number of free search tools from the likes of Kayak, Expedia, and whatever travel site you care to name. But save yourself the time and jump directly to Hipmunk’s offering for a clean app that really takes advantage of Apple’s mobile operating system."

Philip Michaels, Macworld

"...for people with just a few bills to pay per month and a predictable cash flow, there’s no better app for providing clarity on your finances. One thing well? This app does it."

Ellis Hamburger, The Verge, reviewing Level Money